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In a previous post I reviewed the Bluegiga WT11 Bluetooth module, now I’m going to show how to create a serial link.


Bluetooth standard defines some profiles, which are definitions of possible applications using a Bluetooth link. WT11 features several profiles; among them I’m going to use the Serial Port Profile which emulates a serial link using the RFCOMM protocol:

Connection from WT11

The first example is about a connection opened by Bluegiga module to a PC running Windows 7.

First you need to configure the OS adding a new virtual serial port:

Port type is incoming because the connection will be opened by the Bluegiga module:

Note the serial port’s name:

and connect to it using a terminal emulator (like PuTTY):

Open a connection to WT11 module as shown in the previous post and type the following commands:

SET PROFILE SPP ON – activates the SPP profile;
SET BT AUTH * 1234 – sets “1234” as pairing code;
INQUIRY 10 NAME – looks for Bluetooth devices;
CALL bt_addr 1101 RFCOMM – opens a connection with the specified device.

On the PC, you will receive a popup warning for a new connection:

enter the pairing code (1234):

If everything is ok, if you type something in the WT11 terminal, you’ll see it in the one connected to the virtual serial port. Type +++ to change into command mode and CLOSE to close the connection:

In the next page, how to open the connection from the PC…

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dario greggio Tuesday September 4th, 2012 - 09:07 PM

primi passi con Bluegiga 🙂


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