mbed NXP LPC11U24, review

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Development environment

A great feature of mbed microcontrollers is the way you develop for them: the development environment is available online, on the official site.

If you connect your microcontroller in the USB port of your PC, your OS detects it as a mass storage device (like a pendrive):

If you browse it, you can find an HTML page with a personal code you need to register on mbed website:

After being registered, you can start developing:

It’s very easy to program your mbed: you only need to save the compiled program on it (in the screenshot below I’m just downloading and running an example program):

Your first program

To start developing, follow the Compiler link on the top right:

The IDE opens in a new window: with a right-click on My Programs you can start a new program:

After having written your code, you can compile it with a click on Compile button: your program will be compiled and the bytecode will be automatically downloaded on your PC:

To run your program, simply save the .bin file on your mbed:

You can also share your code on your personal page:

Here’s a video about the program running on my mbed:

[youtube id=”c0jI3Qf3_8k” width=”600″ height=”350″]


With this post, I’ve just introduced some mbed features: in the next ones I’m going to show you some additional features like versioning and more complex examples… stay tuned!

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