How to publish a Thinapp to a group of users

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Sometimes you may need to publish a Thinapped application to a specific group of users.

If you use Thinapp with VMWare View, from the latter’s GUI you can assign your Thinapp to a pool or a desktop, not to users or groups:

You can allow a specific user or group to run your Thinapp modifying the Package.ini file within the folder that contains your project:

Type the Active Directory group (in the form Domain\Group) in the PermittedGroups field, separate more groups with semi-colon (;).

You can also customize the error message Thinapp will display to users not in the allowed group (AccessDeniedMsg):

Recreate your Thinapp running build command:

If a not authorized user try to run your application, it will display the custom error message:

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