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luca 15/01/2013 1

When I published my Type4me project, someone wrote me pointing out that the steps to send your sequence of characters to the device were a little complicated:

  • open a terminal emulator (PuTTY…)
  • connect to the correct serial port
  • send the sequence
  • check if the device answers correctly (OK!)

For this reason, I’ve just finished the first version of a C# application to speed up the process: TypeGUI.

The application’s source code is now available on GitHub!

When you run the application, it shows an icon in Windows systray:

Right-click on it to show the context menu:

First, select the correct COM port:

next, after having copied the text to be sent to Type4me in the clipboard, choose Send clipboard:

(as an alternative you can double-click the icon)

If no communication errors occurred, the text is sent to the device:

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