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I’ve already blogged some months ago about the blink(1) project: the designer – ThingM – chose to fund it through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. It was the first campaign I backed and now I’ve finally received it.

Blink(1) is like a small USB key, with its body made of semi transparent plastic except for the top, made by shiny metal.

If you open it, you find an RGB led on the top of its PCB and a (rebranded) micrcontroller on the bottom.

Here’s an unboxing video:

[youtube id=”FdtRhN8Lazc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

When you connect it to your PC, it is enumerated as an HID device, not requiring any drivers:

Blink(1) is designed to give visual notifications to the user: thanks to its RGB led you can link different colors to different informations… for example the green color may mean the arrival of a new email, while the red one may mean CPU values too high.

On the official site you can download some programs (from the classic Color Picker to Twitter listeners) and the API to interface Blink(1) with your custom programs, developed in Java, Processing or C#.

The led is very bright, here are some photos with different colors:



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