XenApp, provisioned servers and daylight saving time

by luca
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If you’re using Citrix Provisioning Services to deploy your XenApp session-host servers, you may run into a problem that didn’t let me sleep last night…

After the farm’s nightly reboot, users were no longer able to launch any published applications: in the event viewer of the servers running the Web Interface, it was continuously logged the event 30107 (servers too busy):

When I launched the qfarm /load command on a server of the farm, I noticed that a load value of 10000 was reported for all my servers: that means server full:

After some researching, I found the article CTX131399. The problem was caused by the change of the time for daylight saving (last sunday): the vDisk my servers start from was modified before the change, so the servers at boot were an hour behind the current one.

Thanks to the NTP service, the servers then updated their time, but it happened after the IMA service was started, and this didn’t work correctly.

To solve, I powered on a server with the vDisk set in private mode (write enabled), so the time was updated and saved in the image:

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