My3dP: the electronics

by luca
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The kit I brought from MakerFarm includes the Printrboard as electronic to control your 3d printer:

This board, developed for the Printrbot project, has the following features:

  • Atmel AT90USB1286 microcontroller (can run the most famous firmwares like Marlin or Sprinter and manages the USB communication to the PC);
  • 4 Allegro A4982 stepper drivers  (3 axes + the extruder);
  • MOSFET outputs for extruder, heatbed and an optional fan;
  • input for 2 thermistors (extruder and heatbed);
  • input for 4 endstops;
  • SD memory card slot.

The board has to be mounted, using screws and spacers, on the MDF holder:


Then the holder is connected, with clamps, to the 3d printer frame:

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