Arduino IDE: the new Library Manager

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If you updated the Arduino IDE to the latest version (1.6.3), you may have noticed a great improvement: a new tool for library management. vs
You’ve probably read something about the internal war between the Arduino founders and the company that built the boards; war that led to the birth of the website I’m not going to go deeper in the discussion: I’ll consider “official Arduino” only the website and all the resources – including the IDE – available on it.

In past indeed there was no a single place where you may found almost all the available libraries and the installation process was not so easy… with the new IDE instead if you click on Sketch – Include Library – Manage Libraries you can access the new Library Manager.

This tool allows to search for a library among the available ones (in the example I’m looking for a library to use a real-time clock) and to install it with just a click:


The library is downloaded and installed in few seconds:


and it’s immediately available to be included in your sketch:


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