Nixie thermometer – introduction

by luca
The design and development of this project is described in ten blog posts: for the chronological list follow this link

I’m starting with this post the description of a new project, project that comes from a request by my friend Marco, who builds spectacular custom cases for PCs: build a thermometer to measure the temperature of a CPU liquid cooler and display it using nixie tubes.

Instead of describing the final project, I had the idea to write different posts, like a diary or a build log to show also the way I approach and develop a medium complexity project like this.

Let’s start with the requirements:


  • use of temperature sensors (10k thermistors) specific for liquid coolers
  • display the temperature (without decimals) with two nixies
  • use of a specific nixie tube to display the °C symbol
  • use of nixie sockets, to be able to replace them in  case of failure
  • RGB leds under the tubes, whose colors can be changed using a push button
  • round PCB, as small as possible


First, you need to source all the components to build a test unit:



Marco sent me:

  • two IN-14 nixie tubes and one IN-19A for the °C symbol
  • a power supply module that outputs the required voltage (about 170V) to power on the tubes

nixie-2 nixie-3

nixie-5 nixie-4

In the next articles, I’m going to start building the test unit… stay tuned!

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Veda Monday January 11th, 2016 - 10:22 AM

What kind of power supply is that?

luca Monday January 11th, 2016 - 12:08 PM

Hi! Almost all the power supplies designed for Nixies should work… I got that from eBay.


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