Nixie thermometer – PCB

by luca
The design and development of this project is described in ten blog posts: for the chronological list follow this link

After having verified that everthing is ok (electronic prototype and sketch) it’s now time to develop the PCB for my Nixie thermometer.

I opened Eagle and drew the schematics:


I then started to design the PCB. The request was that it should have been round and as small as possible. Therefore I decided to place the components on both sides, with the biggest modules (the power supply and the Arduino pro Micro) on the bottom one.

The result is as follows:

nixie-top nixie-routed

It’s very important during this phase to verify that everything is properly connected: it’s indeed better to spend a couple of minutes now, than receive a wrong PCB from the service two-three weeks later. For this reason, I printed the drawings (top and bottom layers) at double size and I checked – with the help of a marking pen – all the connections comparing them with my perfboard prototype:

nixie-37 nixie-38

Once verified that everything was ok, I prepared the Gerber files and sent them to my service (for this project I chose Elecrow).

In my repository on Github you can download the Eagle files and also a ZIP archive that includes all the required Gerber files, ready to be uploaded on the service’s website.


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Dave Sunday February 7th, 2016 - 11:58 PM

Where is the link to your GitHub Repository? I just don’t see it !
Thanks for sharing.

luca Monday February 8th, 2016 - 08:35 AM Reply

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