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A couple of days ago, Arduino announced the global availability (before you hade to be invited) of Arduino Web Editor, the web-based development environment for Arduino boards.

Arduino Web Editor is a component of Arduino Create, the web platform which allows makers to develop and share their projects, collaborating with the other users.

The most important news is that they recently added the Library Manager in the Web Editor:


It’s therefore now possible to use, in your sketches, all the available libraries, including my TOTP one 😉 :


As in the traditional IDE, in the Web Editor all the different versions of the library are available:


Once chosen the correct library, its header files are included in the sketch, with a comment on top of them describing the library name and the version:


Another very useful feature is the ability to massively import all the sketches  you have in your PC. You only need to create an archive (ZIP format) of the folder that contains your work and upload it to the platform:


What else? The Web Editor is making great strides and I think it will replace soon the traditional IDE… what’s your opinion? Are you already using it to develop your projects?

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1 comment

Mauro Saturday January 7th, 2017 - 09:30 PM

Ho iniziato ad usare anch’io il web edtitor. Facendo il paragone con l’ide standalone ver. 1.8 quello che noto è che, dopo la compilazione, la quantità di memoria programma e di memoria dinamica occupata risulta diversa. Lo sketch compilato con l’ide standalone risulta occupare più memoria programma e meno memoria dinamica, viceversa per il web ide. Il vantaggio del web ide è la maggiore velocità di compilazione. Comunque penso che questo è il primo passo che stanno facendo per andare verso un sistema chiuso


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