Adventures in robotics

by luca

On this blog I published several electronic projects and tutorials but I realized that none of those is about robotics; for this reason I’m going to start – with this post – a tutorial for dummies to teach how to build a small robot and how to program it to do different tasks, like avoid obstacles, follow a line, receive commands


To let really everyone follow this tutorial, I chose a very cheap robotic kit (about 20 euro) from Banggood:


The kit includes:

  • a chassis with acrylic base, DC motor, wheels and caster (the front rotating wheel)
  • an Arduino Uno (chinese clone) with its USB cable
  • a motor control board based on the L298N chip
  • a sensor shield to make it easy to connect external sensors / actuators
  • a ultrasonic distance sensor: HC-SR04
  • a small servo
  • cables, screws…

Here are some shots about the unboxing:

air-01 air-02

air-03 air-04

air-05 air-06

air-07 air-08

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satme Thursday November 16th, 2017 - 06:40 AM

Hi Luca
Im great fan of your work. now im investing myself in Robotics after seeing this post and want to do this along with my kid who is 11 yrs old. Want to know how do i start , saw that you would be writing something on ” a tutorial for dummies ” . When/where can i see and start working with the kit. Pl do help me as i dont want to cut embarrassing face in front of my kid 🙂 .
Great day !!

satme Friday November 17th, 2017 - 10:53 AM

Ooops sorry just saw the mistake in my post..

Pl do help me so that i dont cut embarrassing face in front of my kid :).
Great day !


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