A handheld CNC

Take a look to FreeD project, developed by two researchers from MIT Media Lab (Amit Zoran e Joe Paradiso): it’s a sort of computer-controlled dremel… it’s hard to describe it by words but it’s impressive when you see it in action:

OHJ February 2012

The second issue of OpenHardware journal is available. In this issue, a long article about OpenHPSDR project and a deep comparison between manufacturers’ AppNotes and OpenHardware approach. As usual, the magazine is freely available in PDF format; enjoy your reading!

Printrbot, a kickstarted 3d printer

Among many projects available on Internet to build your 3d printer, it’s very interesting Brook Drumm’s one, called Printrbot. Project’s peculiarity isn’t its design, intentionally kept simple to be cheap (about 500$) and affordable for all, but author’s choice to use KickStarter website to fund it. The incredible popularity this 3d printer gained made possible that – with…

MPLAB X 1.0!

After some beta versions, today on Microchip forum has been announced the availability of version 1.0 for the development environment MPLAB X. Many new features are present, you can find an overview on product’s homepage; surely the most important is the adoption of a modern IDE, based on NetBeans. Le’ts download!

Arduino 1.0

Arduino team has just released the long-awaited version 1.0 of their IDE. Many new features, including a new extension for sketch files (.ino), new protocols (DHCP, DNS) for Ethernet library, a refreshed GUI… Here the annuncing post on the official blog with all the new features, while here you can download the new version. Let me know your first impressions!

PIC32 in DIP package

A reason probably reduced the use of the 32 bit family of Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers in hobbistic projects is that those microcontrollers were available only in packages hardly hand-solderable. Starting from November, are now available the first PIC32 in DIP package, at the moment I’m writing: PIC32MX110F016B PIC32MX210F016B PIC32MX120F032B  PIC32MX220F032B All in a 28pin package. The main differences between the…