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In some blog post, I’ve already show how to receive data from Arduino and display them on a  chart using .Net applications, PHP or JavaScript scripts. Some friends wrote comments suggesting me to try MegunoLink tool and Phil was so kind to offer me a license for the PRO version so here’s my review!


MegunoLink is a .Net application (it needs framework 4.0) designed to receive data from a serial port and display them on a chart.

The application is composed of several panels (named visualizers):

  • charts, linear and X-Y;
  • maps, to display coordinates on a map;
  • tables;
  • monitors and loggers, to display the raw data and save them to file;
  • interfaces, to design simple interfaces for your application.

Panels can be added to the main window, resized, configured as tabs of the same window or docked in a given position.

Connection Manager

To receive data from a serial port, you first need to define a connection: MegunoLink can handle different connections, each with specific settings (serial port, baud rate…); you can choose the connection to use with from a combobox:

Charts and monitors

MegunoLink has two types of charts: linear (with time on the X axis) and X-Y

On the official site a complete documentation is available about the format you have to use to send data; I found very useful the charts’ autoconfigure feature and the ability to zoom, pan…

Useful too are the panels that display “raw” data:


With MegunoLink you can create simple interfaces. At the moment the version I’m using supports the following controls:

  • buttons
  • text boxes
  • numeric up/down controls
  • sliders

For each control, you can define the aspect and the value it will send to the serial port when activated:


Nothing like a pratical example can help to undestand how a product works; so I wrote an Arduino sketch to send temperature and humidity values to MegunoLink. The sketch also receives from MegunoLink the START, STOP and S=xx commands. The latter is used to configure the sampling interval xx (in seconds).

The sketch is available in my GitHub’s repository, with the MegunoLink project:

the complete interface

the small control panel

Phil offers a 25% discount to all my readers, using the coupon code LUC25


MegunoLink is a very useful product to rapidly create interactive interfaces when your application need to display data and simple controls.

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