4ld: Turnigy 9x transmitter pack

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In my previous post, I described the Turnigy 9x radio I chose for my quadricopter. The transmitter requires 8 AA batteries… looking for a more convenient solution to power it, I found on HobbyKing a suitable battery pack:


This battery pack is built using LiFe or LiFePo4 (litium-ferrophosphate) cells. Those cells have a nominal value of 3.3V, different from the more common LiPo, with a nominal value of 3.7V. This allows to build 3-cell (3C) packs with a voltage of 9.9V, close to the nominal supply voltage of the transmitter (9.6V).

If you need to charge them, make sure your charger do support those cells and configure it accordingly:


It’s easy to install the battery pack in the Turnigy transmitter: just remove the original battery holder. It also fits perfectly:

battery-3 battery-4

and, most important, the transmitter works 😉


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