Install the FrSky tx module in the Turnigy 9x radio

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to replace the stock transmitter of your Turnigy 9x with a more advanced module by FrSky.

The FrSky module has many advantages:


  • it can cover more distance
  • it’s more robust in the presence of noise
  • it can receive telemetry data
  • it supports different rx modules


On the Internet is available a receiver feature chart about the different receiver modules that also lists the compatibility between the rx and the tx modules.

I brought from Banggood the transmitter module and some receivers:

frsky-1 frsky-2

Let’s start removing the original tx module from the back of the radio. With a Phillips screwdriver, open the module and desolder the antenna wire:

frsky-3 frsky-5

You can now pull out the plastic antenna after having unscrewed it and finally remove all the different components:

frsky-4 frsky-6

Before being able to install the new FrSky module, on some models of the Turnigy 9x radio – including my own – a small modification of the plastic case is needed. Open the radio and unscrew the PCB in the back, to be able to pull out the 5 pins that connect the radio to the receiver:


Now remove the plastic emboss around those pins:

frsky-7 frsky-10

After having closed again the radio, you can now install the FrSky module and screw its antenna:

frsky-9 frsky-11

No changes to the configuration of the radio are required, you can simply turn it on and bind the new receivers!

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