MAX17043 – Arduino library

by luca


The MAX17043 IC, from Maxim Integrated, is designed to monitor lithium-ion (Li+) batteries.

Using a sophisticated Li+ battery-modeling scheme, called ModelGauge™, it can track the battery’s SoC (State of Charge) without the need for battery relearn cycles and an external current-sense resistor.

You can get actual voltage and SoC values via an I2C interface.

You can also set an alarm threshold for low-battery warning: if the remaining charge goes under that threshold, the ALRT PIN is set low and the corresponding bit in the CONFIG register is set to 1.


I wrote a library to use MAX17043 IC with Arduino; you can find it on Github.

– click ZIP button:

– open the downloaded zip file:

– extract it in the libraries subfolder in your Arduino IDE path:

– rename the extracted folder in MAX17043:

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