Succhello mountain

by luca

Succhello mountain (or Söchèl, as it is called in bergamasco dialect) with its 1541m dominates low and medium Serina valley.

The path

From Aviatico, you can reach its peak following the CAI path number 519; the walk, with an average difficulty, lasts 1h 45m and it’s well indicated:


You start from the park at the top of the village (called Abiöl) and, following a cart track, you reach La Forca, where you can find a pool used to water animals. The path 519 starts from here: at first it’s quite flat and, after having pasted two bird snares (Forcella and Forcellino), you find a fork near Baita Donadoni.

Here the path starts to rise and to follow the natural side of the mountain:


After steep climbs you can reach the top, where a cross and a small altar are placed:

Here are the path, displayed with Google Earth and the elevation profile:


Finally, you can download the GPX file for your GPS/smartphone:

If you own an Android smartphone, I suggest you the free app OruxMaps to record and display your walks


Here are a couple of 360° panoramic photos taken from the top of the Succhello mountain:

and the photoclimb:


Fra Friday November 16th, 2012 - 02:57 PM

Interessantissimo post !

Domani dovrei andare sul Monte Succhello, come sono le previsioni?

Fra Monday November 19th, 2012 - 04:50 PM

Non vale cambiare i miei post !!!


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