My Ghostbusters collector’s edition

by luca
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This year is the 30th anniversary of the first Ghostbusters movie (1084). To celebrate the event, Lego is selling – thanks to the Lego Ideas project – SET 21108 that includes the ECTO-1 and four minifigs:


I had the idea to create my personal collector’s edition for the blueray (from Amazon) of the two movies using that Lego set: a plexiglass display case with a wood base with space for the blueray box.

First I asked Vectorealism to cut some 4mm plywood and 2mm transparent plexiglass. The files I used are compatible with any Ponoko factories and are available in my Github’s repository.

gb01 gb02

The base is made by six plywood layers with space for the blueray box:

gb03 gb04

Testing the dimensions before the glue and the varnish…

gb05 gb06

gb1 gb2

I painted the inner faces, then I glued the six layers using a vinylic glue and painted the remaining faces:

gb07 gb09

gb08 gb10

The plexiglass case was fixed with some paper tape, then glued using specific glue that is applied with a brush and penetrates into the cracks by capillary action:


Some shots about the result:

gb12 gb13

gb14 gb15

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