How to repair an Hubsan H107L X4 quadcopter

luca 09/06/2015 0

Some days ago, my Hubsan H107L X4 miniquad, from Banggood, stopped working: even if I connected a fully-charged battery, it didn’t move or light.

Therefore, I ordered from Banggood a flight control board (they call it receiver board) to replace the faulty one:


After having opened the quadcopter frame (fixed with three screws) and having unsoldered the old board, I started replacing it. First, I soldered the wires from the four motors and the four leds to the new board, with the correct polarity:

  • for the motors, the RED and WHITE wires are the positive pole
  • for the leds, the RED-enameled wire is the positive pole

hubsan-2 hubsan-3

Then I secured the new board to the frame with two screws and – using a small screwdriver – I put the wires in the quadcopter arms:

hubsan-4 hubsan-5

After a final check, I closed the frame with the lower plastic cover:

hubsan-6 hubsan-7

Before being able to fly, I had to recalibrate the board as explained in the manual:


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